Scheduling Data Imports


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Schedule data import

Schedule Data Imports

You can import data from multiple data sources into a model, and each of these imports can be separately scheduled. If you want to run multiple Import data jobs together, in a specified order, create a source grouping. A grouping can include jobs from public dimensions as well as the model. Running the grouping refreshes the public dimensions and model together.

Schedule frequency and dependencies settings

Scheduled jobs can also be viewed, deleted, and refreshed via: Navigation BarConnectionsSchedule Status.

If any rows in the dataset are rejected, you can select Download rejected rows to save the rejected rows as a .csv file. You can then examine this file to see which data was rejected. You can either correct the data in the .csv file and then import the .csv file into the model using the Import Data workflow, or correct the data in the source system and re-import the data.

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