Building Stories from a Template


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Build stories from a template

Use a Template to Build a Story

When starting a new story, you can use a template that provides predefined layouts and placeholders for objects to help you build a story.

Stories area of SAP Analtyics Cloud with the different templates available for use highlighted.

Apply a Template to an Existing Story

You can also apply a template to an existing story by selecting Layouts in the … More area of the ribbon.

Create a Template

There are prebuilt templates to choose from, or you can also create your own by saving a story as a template.

Saving the story as a template first removes all custom formatting and data, then converts charts, tables, maps, input controls, and value driver trees into empty placeholders.

Build a Story Using a Template or Layout

Business Scenario

You have to present data this afternoon to your team. You create a responsive story and decide to apply a preconfigured layout to your story as it provides you with standard formatting and widget placement.

In this practice exercise, you will:

  • View how to create a story using a template
  • Create a story
  • Apply a layout to the story

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