Introducing SAP Analytics Cloud Story Design


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Describe the basic concepts of story design in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Story Design Basics

What is an SAP Analytics Cloud Story?

A SAP Analytics Cloud story is a presentation-style document that uses charts, visualizations, text, images, and pictograms to describe data. Many customers refer to stories as reports or dashboards. Either term is accurate because a story can reflect detailed information in a table format or high-level information in charts and other visualizations. Once you create or open a story in Edit mode, you can add and edit pages and elements as you like.

A sample story in SAP Analytics Cloud.

When designing your stories, keep them as simple as possible. In general, it is easier for users to consume story content if it is presented in smaller bits rather than having a few large stories with many pages to navigate.

Your current reporting and dashboard standards will suffice for SAP Analytics Cloud stories. And if you do not have reporting or dashboard standards, this is the perfect time to create them. After completing this course, you will be exposed to the majority of story-building capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud, and you can use your knowledge to develop reporting and dashboard standards to apply throughout your organization.

Because stories are browser-based, when a user views your story, you may want to encourage them to maximize their browser and select full screen in the story's toolbar to get a better view. If individual widgets are too small, viewers can also select full screen mode from each widget.

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