Exercise: Setting Up the Mock Server


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Set up a mock server for business partner API of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Setting up the mock server


In this exercise, you will learn how to set up a Mock Server for Business Partner API of SAP S/4HANA Cloud for testing purposes.


For the complete execution of current exercise, you must execute the following activities first:

  1. Execute the following exercises:
    • Creating your free trial account in SAP BTP


  1. Clone the Mock Server repository and checkout the branch mock-server in SAP Business Application Studio

    1. Open SAP Business Application Studio.

    2. Run the following commands in the terminal

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      cd ~/projects git clone https://github.com/SAP/cloud-s4-sdk-book.git cd cloud-s4-sdk-book git checkout mock-server
    3. Choose FileOpen Folder... and open /home/user/projects/cloud-s4-sdk-book.

  2. Copy the EDMX document of business partner into the business-partner folder

    1. Browse to the SAP Business Accelerator Hub in a separate tab, then login.

    2. In the API Resources section, click on API Specification button and click on the download EDMX button. This will download the API_BUSINESS_PARTNER.edmx file

    3. Copy the API_BUSINESS_PARTNER.edmx file into the business-partner folder.


      Sometimes the XML file indentation and consequent color coding are lost during the upload, so the file content looks like a continuous sequence of (black) characters. Be aware this is not impacting the xml structure, so the file will be anyway good for the exercise execution.
  3. Run the mock server on port 8081

    1. Edit the server.js and replace port 3000 with port 8081.

    2. Run the following commands in the Terminal, to install the dependencies and start the mock server

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      npm install npm run start
  4. Test the mock server by issuing a GET request to A_BusinessPartner entity

    1. Create a file requests.http in the root directory

    2. Add the following content to the file

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      ### GET Business Partners GET http://localhost:8081/sap/opu/odata/sap/API_BUSINESS_PARTNER/A_BusinessPartner?$format=json
    3. Click on Send Request in the requests.http file to submit the GET request

    4. Check the response.

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