Explaining SAP Graph


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the concept behind SAP Graph and explore the potential for developing an API for SAP Graph

SAP Graph

In this lesson, the following topics are discussed:

  • What is SAP Graph?
  • SAP Graph is a Data Graph.
  • Sample Data Graph.
  • Developing SAP Graph APIs.

What is SAP Graph?

SAP Graph is a unified API for SAP, using modern open standards like OData v4. SAP Graph is one connection to your business data. SAP Graph introduces a new, unified API to access all business data as a single, semantically connected, Business Data Graph.


  • SAP Graph is based on *OData v4*.
  • Any SAP back end can be used as a data supplier.
  • There are already fully implemented APIs at https://api.sap.com/graph.
  • You can create your own APIs with different procedures.

SAP Graph is a Data Graph

Data graphs support queries that explore the data as well as the relationships.

A data graph represents entities (data objects) as nodes of a graph:
  • Entities are grouped in namespaces.
  • The fields of an entity are called attributes.
Edges represent semantic relations:
  • Between a root-node and its sub-nodes: a composition.
  • Between independent nodes: an association.

Sample Data Graph

An example should illustrate the idea.

An SAP Graph API with name product, using the namespace sap.graph is linked to product entities from the SAP S/4HANA* (No. 2) and from the SAP Sales Cloud (No. 3). The new API thus offers an extended view of product data stored in various SAP systems.

Developing SAP Graph APIs

There are two options to create an SAP Graph API. You can create APIs directly via an implementation with the SAP Graph module in Node.js. Under Source you will find 26 video tutorials that show all the development steps in detail. A second approach from the field of low code is offered via SAP API Management.



SAP Graph is an API based on OData v4 that connects entities from different sources in one API. For example, product data from various SAP systems, such as SAP S/4HANA, Sales Cloud, and others, is offered in one API. There are already Standard SAP Graph APIs for various entities. SAP Graph APIs can be programmed with Node.js as well as created via SAP API Management in low code mode.

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