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What is the EHS Portfolio?

The sustainability, health and well-being, and Corporate Sustainability Report enables SAP to focus on helping the world run better and improve people's lives is the guiding principle to our business strategy. In particular, our sustainability, health, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) portfolio. We believe social, environmental, economic activities, and performance are interrelated - each impacting the others. Our efforts focus on creating a sustainable future for SAP, our customers, and society. For us, it is crucial to be a responsible business that intelligently strives to balance people, planet, and profit. 

SAP acts as both an enabler and an exemplar to create positive economic, social, and environmental impact within planetary boundaries. As an enabler, SAP provides products and services that meet the purpose and sustainability challenges and opportunities of our customers. In addition, as an exemplar, SAP is leading by example in our own sustainable business operations and practices.

For further information about SAP Purpose and Sustainability, please use the following link:


Climate and Natural Capital Accounting

Build true cost values into end-to-end management of enterprises and across business networks.

Resource Efficiency, Tracking, and Reuse

Building resilience and circularity principles into supply chain, material flows, markets and resource consumption.

Protecting People, Communities, and Societies

Ensuring continuous improvement in safe equitable and compliant businesses, within the company and across the value chain.

Next-Gen Sustainability Performance Management

Merging financial and non-financial data to understand sustainability impact and enabling holistic sustainability reporting while supports sustainable business decisions.

What is the challenge?

  • Corporate Leaders have no transparency into daily operations - they are accountable and need transparency, which they do not have.
  • Site-level Management and Leadership in the face of EHS practitioners are drowning in data and have bad tools - they are frustrated.
  • In the field operations individual employees are not engaged in Safety programs - no feedback on information submitted to management.

The design philosophy of SAP in the area of EHS is to be able to connect these groups of field operations, EHS practitioners and the corporate level.

SAP supports these groups within the customers organizations by providing tools and processes that are highly integrated and the information is accessible in real time from bottom to top (and the other way around).

EHS Incident Management

To fulfill your environment, health, and safety (EHS) requirements on a regional and global scale, you can use EHS Incident Management component to report, review, and complete incidents, safety observations, and near misses. This solution provides various methods for reporting the data. After initial reporting, you can collect additional information from the people involved, investigate why an incident (also near miss and safety observation) occurred, and track the financial impact on the organization and its assets.

You can also assess risk, report data to internal and external stakeholders to fulfill legal, regulatory, and company reporting responsibilities, and analyze aggregated incident data.

EHS Health and Safety Management

You use EHS Health and Safety Management component to assess risk within your organization as it relates to the environment or health and safety of people. This enables you to comply with regulations and gain a comprehensive insight into the situations that involve risk. This component supports you in identifying, analyzing, evaluating, and managing risks. You can take the appropriate actions necessary to reduce risk to acceptable levels and prevent any harmful effects to the health and safety of your employees and the environment. You can also perform job hazard analyses to assess risk for a specific job or activity.

To ensure safe handling of chemicals within your company, you can use this component to enter relevant information for chemicals and use the information to assess risk for chemicals. Additionally, you can create documents, such as safety instructions, that are used to inform employees about all health, safety, and personal protection relevant aspects of the chemicals they use. This ensures regulatory compliance and protects the health and safety of workers who handle chemicals.

This component helps you reduce the cost of risk management by supporting and automating administrative tasks and processes, which increases the efficiency of the people responsible for health and safety management as well as the reliability and cost-efficiency of implementing controls.

The SAP EHS Management for SAP S/4HANA, occupational health application supports general employee occupational healthcare in your enterprise, as well as the planning and execution of special health surveillance protocols.

Special surveillance is required for those persons who may be exposed to certain influences of a chemical, physical, or biological nature at their workplace, or who perform activities that pose a health hazard. Health surveillance protocols can also include vaccinations, or as in the United States, random drug tests.

The Occupational Health application is delivered as Repeatable Customer Solution (RCS) on S/4HANA.

Audit management facilitates systematic examination to determine whether or not an object meets predefined requirements. It provides ability to define question lists and evaluate the results and document.

The Audit Management application is a component of the core S/4HANA Enterprise license. It is a solution that can be used in the context of EHS processes (for example, Safety Audits).

EHS Environment Management

The environment management application component helps companies to stay compliant with emissions-related environmental regulations. The solution covers the processes and sub-processes of managing compliance scenario activities to ensure compliance. These processes enable you to create and incorporate a strategy of managing environmentally-related data from data collection, sampling, calculation, and aggregation of emissions into the daily operations within your companies.

Management of Change

Management of change solution has the objective to provide a system to execute and monitor change effectively within an organization so it does not lead to unknown or uncontrolled operational risk.

Maintenance Safety

Includes two aspects such as Permit to Work and Work Clearance Management.

Permit to Work process is a critical and mandatory process for asset intensive industry such as oil and gas, utilities, chemicals and so on. The process ensures safety of maintenance workers while performing tasks in hazardous environments.

In the SAP S/4HANA world, this topic falls under Asset Management - Environment Health and Safety. Work permit management functions are available in the Order, Order and Notification List, and Job List applications.

With Incident Management the value drivers fall into the following categories:

  • The recording of actual incident data supports customers in achieving their main goal of reduction of incident rates.
  • A proactive safety culture is one that closely tracks, analyzes, and learns from the theoretically larger number of unsafe conditions and near misses that occur within an operation. It uses that insight to take action with the goal of reducing the chances of major incidents.

Health and Safety solutions drives to do the following:

  • A more efficient chemical data management in controlling chemicals onsite and keeping a track in real time of the chemical inventory
  • Reduction of operation risk
  • Minimization of the workplace exposures
  • Initiating protocol-driven medical services
  • Integrated corrective and preventive action tracking (CAPA)

Environment management value drivers are to ensure company's compliance as well as minimize the emissions.

Companies need support in monitoring, implementing, and reporting changes and this is how Management of Change drives customers in reducing the risk from the required changes.

Maintenance safety has priority over all other goals and drives towards a better control of work and tools that support the prevention of safety violations.

EHS Incident Management solution has the objective of providing a centralized solution to track all types of incidents, drive a consistent process for incident entry, investigation, and corrective actions.

The solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Multiple options for incident data entry, including mobile and offline entry
  • Record injury/illness log entry log and create incident out of it
  • Data structure, user interface, and security model specific to incident type, near miss, safety observations
  • Direct integration to ERP and HR processes
  • Workflow-driven initial notifications, investigation steps, and corrective actions
  • Real-time analytical reports and dashboard views
  • Real-time incident rate calculations

Customers can benefit from the following:

  • Learn from analyzing a central database of all types of events to reduce incident rates and severity
  • Increased visibility and automation of tasks and corrective actions
  • Reduced time for processing incidents and regulatory reporting
  • Valuable process integration within EHS and other SAP applications

EHS Health and Safety solutions has the objective of enabling an end-to-end process for identifying and dealing with all manner of hazards and risks to the well-being of the workforce.

The solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Manages the entire lifecycle of all identified risks in the workplace with mobile-enabled hazard identification to multiple types of risk analysis methods to controls and mitigation tasks
  • System validation between hazards, impact, and controls
  • Chemical Approval process with vendor SDS data management and real-time inventory reporting (for example, SARA 312)
  • Real-time analytical reporting and dashboard views
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring by planning and executing workplace sample campaigns and related measurements

Customers can benefit from the following:

  • Standardized approach to managing operational risks
  • Reduced workplace exposures and related health impacts
  • Increased visibility and automation of risk mitigation strategy and tasks
  • Valuable process integration within EHS and other SAP applications

EHS Occupational health solution has the objective of providing a repository to track the occupational health history of employees, and drive a risk-based Occupational Health process with integration back to central HR data.

The solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Define Health surveillance protocols including laboratory and physical tests and questionnaires
  • Assign protocols to individuals manually or automatically based on the work area and hazards to which they will be exposed
  • Schedule appointments and send documentation / questionnaires to the patient. Enable ad-hoc consultations
  • Capture examination results, diagnoses, follow up events, work restrictions in the central patient record

Customers can benefit from the following:

  • Central list of health surveillance protocols to drive the scheduling of medical services and testing for the appropriate personnel
  • Visibility to the identified risks that require medical monitoring

Audit Management has the objective of providing a solution for comprehensive auditing activities across multiple business domains and processes.

The solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Complete planning of audit programs and individual audits
  • Audit Scheduling and Execution
  • Supporting different Audit Types (OSHA, ISO, API RP75 GMP)
  • Offline processing of Audits
  • Audit Valuation
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • Reporting and analysis

Customers can benefit from the following:

  • Simplify communication with audit partners in all phases of the process by leveraging different technology within the application
  • Integrate auditing activities across multiple applications for different business requirements
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of auditing

The Audit Management application is a component of the core S/4HANA Enterprise license and is not included within SAP EHS.

EHS Environment Management solution has the objective of establishing a transparent business process that ensures and demonstrates compliance for all EHS requirements within the enterprise.

The solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Central repository for all compliance requirements from enterprise level down to specific equipment including regulatory, permit-driven, and internal policies
  • Ability to detect and track compliance deviations through a lifecycle of investigation, causal analysis, and corrective actions
  • Task Calendar and Task Monitor applications
  • Calculator for GHG as well as other air or water emissions to fulfill legal and reporting requirements
  • Interface for specific providers of regulatory content

Customers can benefit from the following:

  • Reduced risk of non-compliance and penalties
  • Reduced effort to calculate emission totals
  • Ensure continuity of license to operate
  • Improved calculation accuracy and transparency

Management of Change solution has the objective of providing a system to execute and monitor change effectively within an organization, so it does not lead to unknown or uncontrolled operational risk.

The solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Easy-to-use Change Request screen for field users
  • Highly configurable based on a business rules engine that drives notifications and approval process
  • Adaptable to any type of change - PSM, PHA, PSSR, procedural, what-if, and so on
  • Ability to pull in expert input to evaluate change and drive risk assessments
  • Tracks all activities and tasks to ensure the approved change is completed properly
  • Closed-loop integration with core ERP to reduce data entry, ensure accuracy

Customers can benefit from the following:

  • Implement operational changes with full confidence that potential risks have been assessed and controlled
  • Rationalize and automate management-of-change processes to reduce manual effort, wasted time, and error

Maintenance safety solution has the objective of providing an integrated process between Asset Management and EHS to communicate pertinent safety risks and control the maintenance work being performed

The solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Full electronic support for controlling hazardous work using permits and isolation procedures
  • Supports various levels of work permits and multilevel approvals
  • Manage necessary operational lists, tags, and test tags within the isolation procedures
  • Natively integrated with master data in the SAP Enterprise Asset Management solution and the maintenance work order process
  • Mobile app for Work Clearance Management supporting Lockout / Tagout Procedures

Customers can benefit from the following:

  • Complete hazardous work safely while reducing the cost of maintenance and increasing equipment uptime
  • Prevent safety violations and incidents

In applying the design philosophy for EHS SAP provides analytical tools to support the connectivity of the shop floor to the top floor. SAP EHS Analytics solutions take into account the level of details each of these groups require and supports them in their daily business activities.

Analytics Cloud and Digital Boardroom provides holistically the bigger picture to the corporate team. Whereas the EHS practitioner is more interested in more detail reporting capabilities and that is where the analytical path framework and smart business dashboards can enable him/her in building in own dimensions the EHS analysis.

The Value Proposition of SAP for Sustainability Management is as follows:

  • Is a suite of holistic Sustainability solutions helping organizations in their journey towards becoming a sustainable enterprise
  • Enables organizations to assess and reduce their carbon footprint, increase resource productivity through circular processes, and run safer, sustainable business processes
  • Provides industry specific insights that combine operational and financial data across value chains, embedded in core business processes

Chances are, the EHS function is considered a cost center with older systems, small budgets, and manual processes. It is often separated from the main enterprise processes and is not part of the digital transformation that is sweeping through most companies today. In addition, the institutional knowledge of the management system and how the processes run is not codified and maintained in any way within the systems being used.

The modular but unified platform provided by SAP enables the EHS function within an enterprise to be more aware, reduce risk, drive intelligent processes, and be at the forefront of digital transformation instead of being left behind on a non-integrated island.

Looking at the first level, it is about managing EHS on an island. Processes are managed, but everything is just around EHS on its own and often the value to the company obviously is not that high.

The next step is then bringing the EHS processes into context. The context could be personnel data, but also other enterprise information merging it with data that is already available. That will definitely enrich the value that EHS can bring to the company.

And the next step is not just looking at the EHS data and embedding it in the data from other sources, but having a deep dive into the processes. Having safety and environmental aspects already being part of the ongoing day-to-day operations and contributing to them is the key.

The next step is generating all this data and learning from it using the people on the ground as a data source, using sensors as sources of information and contextual understanding (that is, what is going on). Based on this understanding, undertaking simulations, modeling, predicting what can happen, and even going into what-ifs and simulations.

Therefore, if any kind of parameters in the safety operations change, how could that effect the final performance?

The final target is creating this awareness of having an embedded application, which supports the companies in learning continuously, getting automated insights, analyzing it, and feeding it back into the processes.

There are three themes that are key here:

  • Establishing situational awareness for the workforce
  • Having autonomy of the system, of the processes where possible
  • Having EHS as a kind of ubiquitous dimension in all kinds of the operations, the processes, in the company

Corporate focuses on the following:

  • Real-time situational awareness at all levels within the enterprise
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance
  • Visibility to and quicker reaction to employee-related issues
  • Empowerment to drive a proactive safety culture across the top levels of the enterprise
  • Improved ability to drive decisions and actions through the enterprise based on insight gained from the system

EHS Practitioner requires the following:

  • Reduced effort and cost related to OSHA reporting, chemical inventory reporting, compliance assurance, emissions calculations, and so on
  • Real-time analytical reporting across all processes
  • Direct integration to sources of truth for equipment, locations, people, and chemicals
  • Easier way to track all compliance, corrective, and preventative actions at both the site and enterprise levels

Operations seek the following:

  • A safer workplace where all risks, hazards, and exposures are known and addressed
  • Safety information always up to date and received automatically
  • Empowerment to drive a proactive safety culture at the shop floor
  • Empowerment to initiate processes such as incident tracking and Management of Change based on role-based authorizations
  • Consistent workflow and task tracking functionality from all processes - operators only need to learn one system

Processes involve the following:

  • Handoffs and triggers that occur in your real-life business processes can be driven by the system with no drops in communication or responsibility
  • Process improvement is not only enabled by the system, but the system becomes a source of new ideas and innovation

Data includes the following:

  • Provides context not matched by point solutions
  • Data entry at all levels is quicker and less error-prone
  • Processes run on a consistent source of truth
  • EHS department does not need to deal with maintaining enterprise data

Reporting includes the following:

  • Consistent user-interfaces across multiple parts of SAP
  • No need to maintain separate interfaces to other reporting tools
  • Leverage central SAP ERP hierarchies as a source of truth like Plant, Functional Locations, Cost Centers, and Org Structure to enable both roll-up and drill-down reporting in real time
  • Consistent security paradigm between process data and reporting logic
  • Gain additional insight with ability to pull data from disparate processes within the SAP landscape

SAP supports your EHS management system, so you can take a holistic approach to managing safe operations. The end-to-end process provides support for key business processes that create an effective safety culture by engaging all employees in safety and by providing risk-based safety information. With the proactive approach of identifying and controlling risks, you can reduce the likelihood and severity of incidents. Visibility into risks top floor to shop floor will reduce risk and enable continuous improvement in safety performance.

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