Integrating DevOps Services into SAP's strategic Operations Platforms


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe why it makes sense to integrate local services into central operations platforms and tools
  • Name and describe the strategic operations platforms from SAP
  • Name and describe options to integrate DevOps services from SAP BTP into these strategic operations platforms



This lesson is geared mainly towards administrators, but any of the roles involved could benefit from it.

SAP offers several strategic operations platforms. As many customers have invested in corresponding processes on these platforms, it's important that also the SAP BTP tools and cloud services that drive DevOps can smoothly integrate there, so that you can stick to existing, known processes. Also, this allows you to handle hybrid solutions that span beyond SAP BTP.

In this lesson, you will discover more details about the existing integration options for SAP BTP cloud services around DevOps.


To be able to smoothly operate end-to-end business solutions, it's important that you can holistically handle all building blocks that form this solution, no matter in which environment they run. Think of an application running on SAP BTP that accesses data points from your on-premise back-end and maybe additional SAP cloud systems. Although SAP BTP does contribute an important part, it's just one building block of the complete solution.

Here, to be able to operate such an end-to-end-business solution, it's key to handle interdependencies across the involved environments and to get a holistic picture of the complete solution at one place, comprising all its building blocks, not only single parts.

This is what central operations platforms offer – also to many other features. Get more insights in the following video:

Strategic Operations Platforms from SAP

SAP offers several strategic operations platforms for Application Life-cycle Management (ALM). They ensure accelerated implementation and smooth operations of your end-to-end business solutions throughout their entire life-cycle.


Cloud-based ALM solution for cloud and hybrid customers. Smaller on-premise-only landscapes can be supported as well. SAP Cloud ALM provides standardized ALM processes.

SAP Focused Run

Powerful on-premise solution for service providers and customers with advanced needs regarding system management, user monitoring, integration monitoring, and configuration and security analytics.

SAP Solution Manager

On-premise ALM solution for customers with on-premise and hybrid SAP solutions. Customers can select the ALM functions they require and configure them individually.

Integration of DevOps Services into SAP's Strategic Operations Platforms

You can also use several of these platforms in parallel, to handle different use cases and solutions with different boundary conditions.

Business Scenario

Although Rotating Banana plans to stick to certain established processes on SAP Solution Manager, you think it's also crucial to gain experience with first scenarios on SAP Cloud ALM, to prepare a potential step-wise transition towards it as part of the company's cloud transformation.

Integrating SAP BTP Transport into Central Change and Deployment Management

To benefit from change management capabilities for your delivery approach, as offered by strategic operations platforms from SAP, you integrate transport management processes into them.

This allows you to orchestrate the deployments performed by transport management from overarching central change and deployment management capabilities – similar to what you might already do in other SAP environments.

Also, this enables you to synchronize SAP BTP changes with changes performed in other environments, for overarching business solutions, to handle interdependencies between the single changes.

For example, to integrate SAP Cloud Transport Management into change and deployment management capabilities from SAP Cloud ALM, follow these instructions:

SAP Cloud Transport Management Service | SAP Help Portal

Business Scenario

Rotating Banana is an extensive user of Change Request Management (ChaRM) of SAP Solution Manager. Also, it's planned to come up with hybrid solutions, running not only on SAP BTP, but also leveraging data points on SAP S/4HANA and extending SAP SuccessFactors. Therefore, you decide to expand the usage of ChaRM to SAP BTP for hybrid solutions.

In parallel, for cloud-native applications running on SAP BTP where not the full scope of ChaRM is required, you decide to use change and deployment management capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM, to gain first experience and to prepare the step-wise transition of SAP operations processes towards this strategic platform.

If you should use third-party operations platforms, SAP Cloud Transport Management does offer open APIs that allow you to orchestrate SAP BTP transports from external tools.

Integrating Alerting and Technical Ops Automation Into Central Operations Processes

You can integrate alerts and events from SAP BTP into central health monitoring capabilities. This allows you to get transparency on end-to-end business solutions.

For example, to integrate SAP Alert Notification service of SAP BTP into SAP Cloud ALM, after you've set up the service, follow these instructions: SAP Cloud ALM - Health Monitoring for SAP BTP Cloud Foundry

To be able to centrally trigger operation flows on the business solution parts running on SAP BTP, integrate SAP Automation Pilot service into SAP Cloud ALM as follows: SAP Cloud ALM - Configure the Integration with SAP Automation Pilot

If you should use third-party operations platforms, both SAP Alert Notification service and SAP Automation Pilot offer open APIs that allow you to receive alerts from SAP BTP and to trigger automated operations tasks on SAP BTP from these third-party tools.

Business Scenario

As administrator at Rotating Banana, you use SAP Alert Notification service to forward events from SAP BTP to SAP Solution Manager for your hybrid solutions. This way, you get full transparency about the health status of your end-to-end business solutions at one central place – no matter, if they run on SAP S/4HANA, on SAP SuccessFactors or on SAP BTP.

For cloud-native applications, SAP BTP events get forwarded into health monitoring capabilities for SAP Cloud ALM.

To reduce manual efforts, you integrate SAP Automation Pilot service into SAP Cloud ALM, to be able to centrally trigger automatic alert remediation actions for your cloud-native applications on SAP BTP.


You can now name the benefits of integrating local operations tools into central operations platforms – such as for orchestrating transports from central change and deployment management capabilities, for centrally receiving alerts of SAP BTP parts of an overarching hybrid business solution, and to centrally trigger the execution of technical operations tasks also on SAP BTP.

Also, you can name the strategic operations platforms from SAP and describe options to integrate DevOps services from SAP BTP into them.

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