Adding new rows/columns to a crosstab


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Add new rolws/columns to a crosstab.

New Rows/Columns

You can insert new rows and columns into a crosstab. These new elements persist after navigation steps that force a rebuild of the crosstab, like a refresh or swaping axes. New rows or columns can be inserted in the following areas:

  • Relative to the header section. The header section comprises the dimension and measures at the left border of a crosstab before the data cell area. You can insert a line below the header and a column beside the header.
  • Before and after every dimension.
  • Before and after every dimension member. If a dimension member appears several times in a crosstab, the new row or column is added to each occurrence.
  • Before and after every measure.
  • Before and after a result line.

Select a cell in the crosstab and then choose the Add Lines button. From here you can specify if the line is a row or column and if it goes before or after/above or below the selected cell.

New Lines option on the Analysis Design ribbon

In the new cells you can work with Excel formulas or insert text. The new cell entry stays when you refresh or navigate in the workbook.

Crosstab with an Excel formula in the new row cell

The new line is connected to the selected element. If you add a new line after a dimension member and you change your analysis so that the member is no longer part of the crosstab, the new line will also no longer be visible. But it is not deleted. The new line will be displayed again if the dimension member is again in the crosstab.

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