Grouping crosstabs


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Group crosstabs

Group Crosstabs

You can group several crosstabs together so that they look and behave as they would be one crosstab, with no space between them. The row axis is the common axis of this grouped crosstab, with the crosstab from which you trigger the grouping defined as the dominant crosstab. It determines the structure of the common crosstab. The subordinate crosstab(s) provides column axis data along with the dominant crosstab's column axis.

The grouped crosstab behaves as one entity. The functionality provided within ribbon and context menu applies to the entire grouped crosstab. For example:

  • You can move dimensions only to or within the dominant crosstab.
  • Filtering dimensions is only possible for dimensions of the dominant crosstab.
  • If you use or change the display in the dominant crosstab to Compact Display in Rows/Columns, the subordinate crosstabs behave accordingly.

If you undo the grouping, the subordinate crosstabs will be set back to the behavior before the grouping. The crosstabs should have similar row structures so that grouping them is feasible.

There are some limitations when working with grouped crosstabs. For more information, see SAP Note 2631644.

Group Crosstabs

As the company analyst, you present multiple queries into an Analysis workbook. Each of the queries contain common dimensions, and you wish to group the crosstabs and present the information in a single crosstab.

Task 1:

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