Working with Hierarchies


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Work with predefined hierarchies
  • Create hierarchical displays in Analysis for Excel

Compact Display in Rows/Columns

You can display multiple dimensions hierarchically without using a dimensional hierarchy.

If you wanted to display the dimensions hierarchically in the crosstab, you choose HierarchyCompact Display in Rows from the Analysis ribbon.

This selection combines the two dimension columns into one, nesting the second column under the first. Such a hierarchical view is called a display hierarchy since the data is simply displayed as a hierarchy, but there is no underlying hierarchy defined in the SAP source system.

You can use display hierarchies and dimensional hierarchies in parallel to create a very robust hierarchical view of data for analysis.

Working with Hierarchies

As an analyst, you have been asked to display different hierarchy levels in the workbook and be able to choose different hierarchies using drag and drop. You have also been asked to use the compact display feature and filter members when a hierarchy is being used.

Group Functionality

You can create member groups to group dimension members into categories in your crosstab, in the same way that hierarchies group members into nodes. Select the members you want in a particular group, right-click, choose Group Members from the context menu, and name the group. This process creates a custom hierarchy. You can create multiple levels of the custom hierarchy. All hierarchy features are available, but the hierarchy exists only in the workbook. The figure Group members shows Vehicles and Pumps grouped into Machines and Computers and Monitors grouped into Technical Products.

Only visible members are part of the hierarchies.

Ungroup members removes the node (group) but not the members. Ungroup All deletes the custom hierarchy.

Grouping Members

You want to create your own hierarchical display by grouping specific members.

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