Creating Sourcing Projects within SAP Ariba Sourcing Solutions


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Explain Sourcing Project Creation Steps within SAP Ariba Sourcing.

The First Steps of Project Creation

SAP Ariba Review

SAP Ariba can review your event for structure, format, and best practices before submitting it to suppliers.​

Step 1: Create and Publish Event

Publishing your event sends a notification to your suppliers and, depending on settings and timing, allow them to respond and ask questions.

Monitoring Supplier Responses

Step 2: Monitor Supplier Responses

View Responses in Real Time:​ If allowed by event rules, you can review supplier responses as they are submitted.

Message Board: Suppliers may be asking questions via the integrated message board. Be sure to provide timely answers to the supplier asking the question and, when appropriate, to all participants.

Award Optimizations, Award Scenarios, and Guided Sourcing Overview Video

Step 3: Create Award Scenarios

Award Optimization:​ Use the optimization tool to help analyze complex bids by setting goals and rules.

Manual Scenarios: If you want to determine the award without using the optimization tool, you can create a manual scenario to capture the award information

Step 4: Award a Scenario

Completing Your Event: Submitting your award will complete the event, locking it from further changes. Be careful to review the award closely before you submit. ​

Event Header Data: The event creation screen is customizable, allowing companies to capture unique, useful information for searching and reporting​​

Creating a Sourcing Project Video

Play the video below to see how a Sourcing Project is created within the guided sourcing experience.

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