Analyzing the Planning Collaboration Business Case


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  • Explain the business case for Planning Collaboration

Planning Collaboration Business Case


  • Order forecast allows suppliers to allocate production capacity and inventory against a buyer’s projected demand
  • Forecast collaboration reduces uncertainty between trading partners and leads to consolidated supply chain inventories
  • Inventory levels are optimized and customer service responsiveness is increased
  • Establishes effective platform for continuous process improvement among trading partners


  1. Internal Alignment
    • Silo Mentality around Data Extraction and Analysis
  2. Disjointed Processes and Conflicting Goals
    • Lack of awareness across departments
    • Overlapping and conflicting priorities
    • Deficiency of communication between departments and business units
  3. Globally distributed teams
    • Lack of understanding on decisions made with cross-functional impact

Planning Collaboration Features

  • A simple view of buyer forecast demand and option to download into excel
  • The ability to commit to forecast quantities based on supplier capacity and inventory
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly time-bucket views of forecast demand
  • Integration with other ERP and planning systems, both for buyers and for suppliers
  • Provides collaboration dashboard for proactive exception management
  • Flexible User Interface Search Filters
  • Extend the Forecast Application to be displayed to the Buyer

Planning Collaboration Process Flow

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For an overview of the Planning Collaboration process, watch this video.

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