Demonstrating the Supplier Managed Inventory Process using Replenishment Orders


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the transaction flow for SMI using Replenishment Orders
  • Create Replenishment Order
  • Review the Sales orders on SAP Business Network
  • Review the Supplier response on SAP Business Network

Supply Managed Inventory Process Flow (Replenishment Order)

Select the number icons to learn more about each step.

Replenishment Order Creation

The Supplier would initiate creation of the Replenishment Order.

The Supplier can update quantity details in the Replenishment Order before publishing.

Sales Order Review

On the Supplier side, the Replenishment Order is displayed as a sales order under the Fulfillment menu option.

Supplier Response Review

The Supplier can cancel the Replenishment Order on the Sales Order screen.

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