Describing Manufacturing Visibility and its Features


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define the manufacturing visibility features available for contract manufacturing

Manufacturing Visibility Features and Functions

Current Challenge

Currently on the SAP Business Network, suppliers don’t have the capability to provide their manufacturing planning data to the buyers.


  • Suppliers can provide buyers inventory snapshots, supplier planning data and visibility via upload.
  • Suppliers can use search filters to search for these uploaded documents by inventory snapshots, supplier planning data or visibility.
  • The supplier can track the uploads and troubleshoot using the error logs.


The Buyer can use manufacturing visibility information to drive the planning and supply of transaction elements to contract manufacturers.

List of Available Key Figures for Manufacturing Visibility

Projections (Time Series)

  • Manufacturing Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Supplier Forecast
  • Shipment
  • Target Stock
  • Safety Stock
  • Projected Stock
  • Firm Receipt
  • Planned Receipt
  • Forecast Confirmation

Current Inventory Status

  • Unrestricted Used Quantity
  • Blocked Quantity
  • Promotion Quantity
  • Stock in Transfer Quantity
  • Stock On Hand Quantity
  • Work in Process Quantity
  • In Transit Quantity
  • Scrap Quantity
  • Increment Quantity
  • Required Minimum Quantity
  • Required Maximum Quantity
  • Order Quantity
  • Days Of Supply

Manufacturing Visibility Screen

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