Reviewing Scheduling Agreement Release (SAR) and Creating an Advanced Ship Notice (ASN)


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Review updated Scheduling Agreement Release with Schedule Lines and create an Advanced Ship Notice

Update and Transmission of Scheduling Agreement Release

Auto-update of Buyer’s Scheduling Agreement and creation and transmission of Scheduling Agreement Release (SAR)

Buyer SAP ERP Scheduling Agreement

Buyer SAP ERP Scheduling Agreement is updated via the creation of schedule lines based on the planned shipment transmission from the Supplier.

Schedule line is Released and Transmitted back to Supplier

  • The "Firmed Orders" key figure is updated in the SMI planning table (Detail screen)
  • Note that the Planned Shipment quantity still exists

New Scheduling Agreement Release Item has been Created

  • In the "Inbox" tab, the new SAR item has been created and ready to be processed for shipment

Supplier Shipment and Buyer Goods Receipt

Auto-update of SMI key figures during shipment and goods receipt

The "In-transit" Key Figure is Updated

  • The "In-transit" key figure is updated once the Supplier sends the advance ship notice (ASN) to the Buyer.

The "ASN Received" Key Figure is Updated

  • The "ASN Received" key figure is updated after the Buyer receives the product and sends a Goods Receipt (GR) notification to the Supplier. The "In-transit" quantity is reduced based on the receipt quantity and "Order Received" is also updated.
  • The "Total Shipment" key figure is also updated based on total receipts by the -Buyer for each time bucket
  • Note that the Planned Shipment, Firmed Orders, and Stock on hand quantities are still the same and have not been updated

The Stock on hand key figure is updated

  • The Stock on hand key figure is updated once a new Buyer Demand/Inventory data has been extracted and transmitted to the Supplier

Supplier Managed Inventory Process Flow (Planned Shipment) - II

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For the next part of demonstration of the Supplier Managed Inventory Planned Shipment, watch this video.

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