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Introducing SAP BTP

The Intelligent Enterprise

As an intelligent enterprise, you can keep your workforce engaged and increase organizational agility. You can deliver the products and services your customers need and deliver personal, trusted, and connected customer experiences. You can control every source and category of spend. You can increase efficiency and gain insight to guide your business. And you can make decisions confidently and drive continuous innovation.

The figure Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise provides an overview of the Intelligent Enterprise.

The intelligent sustainable enterprise comprises of :

  • Business Network

    The SAP business network will help you to digitalize cross-company business processes. The network builds on current procurement, travel, and contingent workforce solutions to help intelligent enterprises work together to create flexible value chains.

  • Experience Management

    Understanding what people want, and how they feel is critical to making the right decisions. Experience management solutions give insight on the sentiments and feelings of customers, employees, and other business stakeholders.

  • Intelligent Suite

    SAP offers an integrated suite of applications that support your end-to-end business processes. The suite helps manage every part of your organization – employees, customers, products, spend, finance, and IT. With embedded analytics, we provide a 360-degree view of your business.

  • Industry Cloud

    SAP’s industry cloud will enable you to discover and deploy vertical solutions from SAP and partners. These help you to apply leading-edge industry best practices and extend your current business processes.

  • Sustainability Management

    Being best-run means running sustainably. SAP solutions for sustainability will help customers understand and manage their impact on people and the environment.

  • SAP Business Technology Platform

    The platform provides data management and analytics, supports application development and integration, and allows you to use intelligent technologies – such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things – to drive innovation.

SAP Business Technology Platform

The Business Technology Platform comprises services and products out of four categories:

  • Create LOB and/or industry-specific extensions and apps to achieve your business goals with the help of App Development Services and Products
  • Connect Processes, Events, APIs and Data across your hybrid & heterogeneous landscape with Integration Services and Products
  • Give data purpose by integrating, storing, cataloging, preparing, modeling and sharing your data to derive actionable insights and plannings with BTPs Data, Analytics and PlanningServices and Products and finally
  • Infuse intelligences into business processes to realize your Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise with Intelligent Services and AI Models

SAP BTP Cloud Capabilities

SAP Business Technology Platform is a unified and open platform that combines several capabilities on one business-centric public cloud platform.

App Development

The application development capabilities of the SAP BTP is a portfolio of solutions, tools, and frameworks that help you simplify software development of your application extensions or custom applications. It offers functionalities for different levels of development experience and to increase the overall development productivity even with no-code through SAP Build or low-code capabilities in SAP Business Application Studio.


The SAP Build Process Automation solution combines workflow management to help create forms, manage decision logic, and build, adapt, and organize process flows with simple drag-and-drop functionalities. And robotic process automation to automate human tasks. These can be attended or unattended so people can support the task or have it run hands-free. This is all possible with a no-code front end business users can use themselves, or with the support of IT.

Pre-built content and connectors for SAP and non-SAP solutions helps you get started quickly.


Integrate applications on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid model, while securely connecting applications, processes and people.

  • Integration of SAP and beyond to include 3rd parties, including API management, B2B/B2G support, data integration, event-based, IoT support and process integration
  • Ready built content that includes integration packs, APIs, business events, and connectors
  • Continuous access to best-practices via pre-packaged SAP business content
  • AI-powered Content Advisor to speed integration development and lower on-going support costs

Data & Analytics

Data solutions provide the ability to handle the growing amounts of data stored in multiple locations with controlled access for your entire organization to analyze and act on a single version of truth. Topics like SAP HANA or SAP Master Data Governance are part of this SAP BTP pillar.

Empower your people to uncover and act on real-time insights with our AI-powered business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools. Analyze past and present situations - and simulate and prepare for the future. The analytics capabilities of SAP BTP will meet your needs for business intelligence, business warehousing, or enterprise planning.

Artificial Intelligent (AI)

Artificial Intelligence powers SAP Business Technology Platform changing the way we live and work by optimizing processes, maximizing resources, and igniting innovation with the right combination of AI

The figure SAP BTP Cloud Services provides you a detailed view on cloud service and on-premise solutions for the single pillars.

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