Monitoring Messages in PiMon


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SAP Process Integration Monitoring

SAP Process Integration Monitoring Options

Each SAP Process Integration (PI) Java installation has a centralized administration application called the SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA). The SAP NWA also enables the monitoring of installed process integration components on SAP NetWeaver, as on Java. Process integration provides monitoring of its Java components, such as the Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE) through the SAP NWA.

The monitoring of process integration components is provided by an application known as Configuration and Monitoring Home (also known as Process Integration Monitoring (PIMon)). All the monitoring and administrative capabilities that the SAP NWA provides for process integration are also accessible through the PIMon application. This enables the administrator to use a single tool for monitoring PI Java components.

To start PIMon, use a URL that is built in the following way: http://<server>:<port>/pimon. You can obtain the appropriate URL for your system from your system administrator.

SAP Process Integration Monitoring Tabs

AEX offers various tools for monitoring the central adapter engine, communication channels and other integration server components. Via SAP PI local monitoring (PIMon), you can access the following AEX monitoring tools. Which you will find under MonitoringAdapter Engine:

  • Message Monitor

    With the message monitor, you can monitor the processing of messages on the local Advanced Adapter Engine.

  • IDoc Adapter Monitor

    You can use the IDoc monitor when you need information about the messages processed with the IDoc adapter available on AS Java.

  • Cache Monitor

    You can use the cache monitor to display objects that are currently in the runtime cache of the Advanced Adapter Engine and the Mapping Runtime. You can enter selection criteria to search for current objects in the runtime cache, and review the details of a selected object.

  • CPA Cache History

    CPA cache or collaborative partner agreement cache, contains the cache copy of all the objects created during configuration.

  • Communication Channel Monitor

    With the communication channel monitor, you can obtain information about communication channels that are set up for the Advanced Adapter Engine. You can also perform some administrative activities, like starting and stopping communication channels.

  • Performance Monitor

    When you want to obtain statistical data about the performance of message processing in the Adapter Engine and Integration Engine, you can use the performance monitor. Within this monitor, the performance is gauged by measuring the number of bytes processed over a given time period.

    The performance details provided by the monitor are useful for administrators who need to know the amount of time spent by messages at various points of their lifecycle.

Monitor Messages in PIMon

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