Describing the Integration of SAP Portfolio and Project Management with SAP Financials


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Outline specific integration scenarios for SAP Portfolio and Project Management

The Integration with SAP Financials

John, Bettina and Sarah are shown.

John, in his role as a project planner and Bettina, as the controller of Hybrid Development, together with Sarah, who is a portfolio manager, have decided that they can use SAP Portfolio and Project Management and projects financial control in SAP Project System (PS) to integrate the project data with the financial data of Hybrid Development.

An integration scenario is shown where a portfolio item linked to a project management project is integrating with a financial cost collector.

The scenario displayed in the figure above begins with the creation of a portfolio item. The portfolio manager or item manager creates a portfolio item, enters critical success factors, and executes an initial forecast of the required capacities and financial resources. In a review, decision-makers compare this data with the data of other portfolio items and make a decision regarding the further processing of the portfolio item.

Parallel to this, a project is created in Project Management and linked to the portfolio item. This can be performed automatically or manually when the portfolio item is created at a later stage, for example, after the portfolio item is first approved. The project lead defines the project roles required for their project, and the relevant resource manager then provides these roles with suitable resources. The resource requirements and staffing can be integrated into the strategic capacity planning of the portfolio item and compared with the projected capacity requirements.

Parallel to the associated project, you can create financial/ controlling (FI/CO) cost collectors in the SAP S/4HANA system using project financial control in SAP Project System (PS). You can use these collectors for a detailed cost planning, budgeting (if required), and collection of the actual costs of the project. Data from Project Management can then be transferred automatically to the cost collectors and used for cost estimates. By integrating the FI/CO data with SAP Portfolio and Project Management, the planning data of the cost collector can also be transferred to the corresponding portfolio item, and compared with the projected financial details.

After the approval of the portfolio item, the associated project is released. The resources assigned to the project can confirm their working hours. The resources can automatically import default values from Project Management to a worklist with all the tasks assigned. The data entered can then be transferred to Project Management and FI/CO. This results in actual costs on the cost collectors for the work carried out. In turn, the actual work and actual costs of the cost collector can be transferred to the portfolio item and monitored in SAP Portfolio and Project Management.

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