Using Reviews for Decision Making


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  • Manage reviews

Comparison of Different Project Proposals

Review and What-If Scenarios

After discussing possible options and alternatives with stakeholders and users, Sarah (as the responsible portfolio manager) has identified two possible options to enhance the time recording functions for the employees of Hybrid Development.

See what she has to say about these two options:

If you want to compare different project proposals to be able to decide which ones to realize, reviews are a great tool to help in the decision making process.

A screenshot of a review is shown.

Reviews of portfolios are part of a business planning process, and they can be initiated either monthly, quarterly, annually, on certain key dates, or at random.

Select each of the following use cases for reviews to learn more:

To be able to calculate the success or risk of a project proposals you can either use the estimated and calculated financial values or alternatively you could also use a questionnaire to derive success or risk factors.

A screenshot of a questionnaire is shown.

Not only the data of portfolio items is evaluated within a review, but various change options of portfolio items can also be considered. Such changes and their effects can be discussed using what-if scenarios. These scenarios can be created within reviews and include all or only the selected portfolio items of the review.

Using Reviews

You have created a review and assigned portfolio items to it. You can now go to an item dashboard or a reporting cockpit to report on the portfolio items of this review.

Start the video to learn more about the scoreboard of a review:
A screenshot of a scoreboard and the options are shown: the selection of a scoring model, the score of a portfolio item, a list of portfolio items in review and the field values used for calculation.
For each field (attribute) of a scoring model, you also define a scoring for the possible field values. Usually financial values are used together with chances for technical or commercial success.
You can change the choice of the used scoring model at any time. You can therefore compare portfolio items in succession based on different criteria.
Look at the following demonstration to learn how to process a review comparing two portfolio items:

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