Introducing SAP Access Control Components


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Introduction to SAP Access Control

SAP Access Control Components Overview

In today's digital era, ensuring secure access control is pivotal for safeguarding business performance and reputation. This video explains the components of SAP Access Control, an enterprise software that enables organizations to manage access, identify risks, and document compliance for connected SAP and non-SAP solutions:

Video Summary

SAP Access Control is comprised of the following tools: Access Risk Analysis, Access Request Management, Business Role Management, Periodic Review, Emergency Access Management.

Many organizations face challenges in managing access governance, including:

  • Including identifying and mitigating access issues.
  • Ensuring efficient user provisioning.
  • Maintaining compliance.
  • Supporting end user needs.

SAP Access Control is an enterprise software that addresses these issues by providing functionality to manage access, identify risk, and document compliance across SAP and non-SAP solutions. It encompasses key tools such as:

  • Access Risk Analysis.
  • Access Request Management.
  • Business Role Management.
  • Emergency Access Management.
  • Periodic Review.

These tools offer advanced analytic and reporting capabilities, a risk analysis engine integrated with workflow provisioning and role management processes. You can access the tools through various platforms, including SAP Fiori launchpad, SAP Business Client, and SAP Enterprise Portal.

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