Performing the Emergency Access Session


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use firefighter ID access and perform emergency access session

Execution of an Emergency Access Session

To access the firefighter ID, choose Logon.

Once you, as a firefighter, get access to a firefighter ID, you can start a firefight session to perform activities to solve critical issues in a target system, such as:

  • Changing documents in a closed period.
  • Fixing critical technical errors.
  • Urgent data recovery activities.

You can access your assigned IDs by using a centralized or a decentralized scenario, depending on the configuration.

On the preceding screenshot, you can see the launchpad of a centralized firefighting access. As a firefighter, you log on to SAP Access Control using your own user ID, run the transaction GRAC_EAM and choose a needed firefighter ID. To access the firefighter ID, choose Logon.

Enter a Reason code with a description, and any actions that must be performed.

The system requires you to specify a reason code with a description and actions that must be performed. To start a firefight session, specify the required information and choose OK.

The system opens a new SAP GUI window as a firefight session.

The system calls a target system and opens a new SAP GUI window as a firefight session. The firefight session is the session in the target system under firefighter ID user, not firefighter user ID. As a firefighter, you perform the firefighting activities there. Once a firefight session is started, the system sends an e-mail to the firefighter controller about the start of the session.

To add a description of extra activities to be performed, choose Additional Activity.

During the firefight session, you can add a description of any extra activities that must be performed by choosing Additional Activities on the EAM launchpad window.

To close the window and log out of the session, choose Logoff.

After performing firefighting activities, close the window with the firefight session and log out of the session by choosing Logoff.

After you log off, the firefighter ID will be available for other firefighters. Only one firefighter can work under a firefighter ID at one point in time. If the firefighter must access the firefighter ID that is already in use, the firefighter can send a system message to another firefighter. The firefighter who currently uses the firefighter ID sees the system message in a separate window. The message asks to inform a particular user, after the work is finished and the firefighter ID is released.

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