Using Allocation Tags


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of allocation tags
  • Create and assign allocation tags to cycles

Allocation Tags

To quickly identify cycles referring to a specific category of costs for maintenance, analysis, or checks, you can create allocation tags and assign them to the relevant allocation cycles. Categorizing the cycles is crucial for remaining efficient via a systematic approach. This allows for dynamic adjustments and an easy selection process.

Allocation tags are semantic labels that can be assigned to one or more allocation cycles and/or segments. These tags enable you to categorize and identify them, providing a way to group and organize them.

Name and Description are the single elements to specify.

For example, after having assigned an allocation tag "ADMIN - Administrative costs", you will filter the cycles and segments using the allocation tag. It is possible to have an overview of all the corresponding elements and, eventually, to change their settings.

Allocation tags can be utilized to monitor and modify all elements with a certain tag or to display a visual flow of senders and receivers for an allocation and the respective debit and credit amounts.

When To Use Which App?

ActionApp to Be Used
Create allocation tagsAnalyze cycles and segments using tags
Assign allocation tagsAnalyze cycles and segments using tags

Manage Allocations app

Analyze cycles and segments using


Manage Allocation app

Allocation Flow app

How to Create and Assign Allocation Tags

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