Identifying Additional Order Management Features


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the additional Order Management features provided in SAP Commerce Cloud

Additional Order Management Features

In addition to the standard order fulfilment process and the warehouse management process, SAP Commerce Cloud also provides some additional features to support order management, such as:​

  1. Order management-related customer services​
  2. Order management services module (OMS)

​First, the basic functionality of customer services related to order management, such as order cancelation, order return & refund, are implemented in the base commerce module.

​Details of the support is covered in the live session Customer Services in the Base Commerce Module of a live session series in SAP Learning Hub. A brief introduction of the series can be viewed here:

Second, the Order Management Services module, also known as OMS, is built on top of the SAP Commerce Platform. It allows you to view and manage customer orders, review and edit shipping information, manage returns and refunds, search for and view your inventory information.

​Let’s check out the overview of its major features here.

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