Creating a Customer Master Record


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a customer master record

Customer Master Data

The Business Partner is created and the roles necessary for the usage of the BP are assigned. The different roles are created on certain organizational levels. The FI Customer role, which is necessary to use the BP in FI based Sales postings, is assigned to the company code, so the data in this role can be maintained differently in each company code.

In the general role of the business partner (BP), the BP name and address is entered. The general role data is relevant for sales and distribution and for accounting. To avoid data redundancy, it is stored centrally (client-specific). It is valid for all organizational units within a client.

The customer role data is relevant for sales and distribution. It is valid for the respective sales area (sales organization, distribution channel, division). It includes all data necessary for processing orders, deliveries, invoices, and customer payments.

The FI customer role data is relevant for accounting. It is valid for the respective company code. In the role FI Customer (BP used as a Customer in FI), you enter the Reconciliation Account in General Ledger.

You can decide to either maintain many roles at once, or to add roles later, whenever you need them.

Create a Customer Master Data Record

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