Discovering Engineering Change Management


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Benefit from the use of Engineering Change Management

Understand and work with an engineering change management

Engineering Change Management: Overview

Until now, you have always changed your master data on the current date and then transferred them to the logistics. Now you would like to schedule future changes.

But you already want to store these scheduled changes in the system today. Engineering Change Management could be the solution.

Watch the following video to understand how your company could benefit from using engineering change management.

Working with a Change Record

The change record is used to plan and execute changes on different object types. It can be used to release document versions or perform component changes in a material BOM.

If several departments are involved, you can setup a workflow combined with a status network. Send the right information, at the right time, to the right user.

Simulation: Managing Change Records

Please perform the following simulation Managing Change Records to get a first impression of what a creation of a change record could look like. You also see how material BOM changes could be done with a change record.

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