Working with Work Centers


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Give a brief overview on a work center
  • Setup costing, capacity or scheduling information

Understand and work with work centers

Introduction to Work Centers

Production steps are performed at work centers on your factory floor. These must be mapped digitally in the SAP system.

Later, these work centers are used in routings to describe work steps for manufacturing a product.

Now watch the following video to understand what work centers in the SAP system are used for.

The data in a work center is beneficial for scheduling, costing, and capacity requirements planning:

  • In the context of scheduling, the operating time, and formulas required to calculate the operation duration are stored in the work center.
  • For costing, formulas required to calculate the operation costs are stored in the work center, and the work center is assigned to a cost center.
  • For capacity planning, the available capacity and formulas required to calculate the capacity requirements of an operation, are stored in a work center.

Simulation: Creating a Work Center

Please perform the following simulation Creating a Work Center to get a first impression of what a creation of a work center could look like. You also see how to maintain data for scheduling, calculation or capacity planning.

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