Accessing the Provisioning area


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Manage Company Settings in Provisioning
  • Create a new admin user from Provisioning

Administrator account creation

Another feature of Provisioning is that new administrator accounts can be created. Backup administrator accounts are useful if the company’s regular administrator account gets locked out.

To create an administrator account, follow these steps:

  1. Supply the necessary details (username and password cannot be the same) and

    click Create Admin.

  2. Use the new credentials with the company ID to log into the front end.

If you have configured the single recipient e-mail feature the create Super Admin from Provisioning will not be possible, and you will receive a ‘Exception in creating an Admin user: failed to send e-mail’ message. To proceed, you may temporarily disable the feature to create the Super Admin.

Edit Company Settings and add a New Administrator Account in Provisioning

Business example

You have to access and verify Company Settings in Provisioning.

Task 1: Edit Company Settings

In this task you will maintain the Company Settings.


  1. Log in to your Provisioning account using credentials provided.

  2. Access Company Settings.

    1. On the List of Companies screen, in the Company Name column, select your company name.

    2. In the Edit Company Settings list, select Company Settings.

  3. Verify the Custom Navigation feature is enabled.

    1. On the Company Settings screen, scroll down to Custom Navigation and select the checkbox to enable Configure Custom Navigation .

  4. Verify that the option Language Packs is enabled.

    1. On the Company Settings screen, scroll down to the Language Packs area and ensure that the Language Packs checkbox is selected.

    2. In the Language Packs area, ensure the English US (English US) language option is selected. Also select Deutsch (German) and Español ‎(Spanish)‎. Select Save Feature at the top of this section and enter your company ID. Note that this page has multiple Save buttons but only one Save Feature button.

Task 2: Add a New Administrator Account

You need to create an Administrator account.


  1. On the Company Settings screen, use the following details to create an Administrator account (Scroll to the bottom of the Company Settings screen to find where to enter this information). You can also use Ctrl+F and search for the term "Admin Username" to find this section of Company Settings.

    Admin Username - administrator plus current year (for example administrator2024)

    Admin Password - password plus current year (for example password2024)

    Admin First Name – Your first name

    Admin Last Name – your surname

    Admin E-mail your e-mail address

    Check box next to I confirm that customer has provided approval of Super Admin user account creation.

    Add your e-mail address in the Customer E-mail Address field.

    Select Create Admin

    If the Create Admin button is not active, make sure all fields are filled out and then click into the Admin E-mail field (or any other field) and the button will become active.
  2. You will be asked to enter your Company ID to confirm the changes. Please refer to Company ID by scrolling to the top of the page. You will see the Company ID listed there.

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