Summarizing the SuccessFactors History and Modules


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SuccessFactors History

The History of SAP SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors was founded in 2001 by Lars Dalgaard. It started as an SaaS performance management software, but eventually expanded its offerings by providing business execution software to customers. In February 2012, SAP acquired SuccessFactors, which it renamed to SAP SuccessFactors. The acquisition was largely considered an opportunity to bring existing cloud expertise to SAP’s expanding portfolio and allowed SAP to offer a full, cloud-based HCM suite.

A social collaboration solution, called SAP Jam, was introduced as an integration option in 2012 to help improve the way employees engage with each other and make decisions in the cloud. The tool allowed team members to share ideas, find solutions to shared business problems, align their goals, and more.

SAP SuccessFactors again expanded its offerings to include recruitment marketing and posting, onboarding, and workforce analytics. As of 2019, the latest release of SAP SuccessFactors included functionality updates for the mobile app, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center, and the recruiting solution, just to name a few. Architectural enhancements and a new SAP Fiori-based user interface have also been implemented.

SAP SuccessFactors Modules

Key Features of SAP SuccessFactors

The SuccessFactors suite includes a variety of talent tools divided into modules. The capabilities included in the suite cover the traditional four pillars of human resource management: recruiting, learning and development, performance management and compensation management. The suite also has onboarding and time and attendance software, as well as modules for workforce planning and people analytics.

Platform Overview

The SAP SuccessFactors Platform is the building block of our application suite.

Platform capabilities are grouped under three main areas: Administration, Technology and, User Experience. These essential platform capabilities are not module specific but can support the operation of one or multiple modules.

Platform Capabilities

AdministrationTechnologyUser Experience
  • Admin Center
  • Identity Management
  • Proxy Management
  • Role-based Permissions
Data Protection and PrivacyUser Interface
  • Action Search
  • Home Page
  • Mobile
  • People Search
  • People Profile
  • Photos
  • Quick Cards
  • Theming
  • Execution Manager
  • Check Tool
  • Attachment/Document Management
  • Intelligent Services*
  • Intelligent Center*

* Out of the box content is available

Upgrade Management
  • Upgrade Center
Metadata Framework
  • Job Profile Builder
  • Picklist Center
  • Standard MDF Objects
 People Analytics
  • Report Center
  • Standard Report Templates

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