Maintaining the Company Logo


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Set up a Company Logo

Upload your company logo

Your company logo was set during configuration. However, as an administrator, you have the ability to modify your company logo at any time. The logo will display on the top right of all pages within SAP SuccessFactors. You can upload your logo to the SuccessFactors server (recommended), or may point to a logo on a URL outside of the SuccessFactors server.

We recommend that you have your logo hosted on SAP SuccessFactors servers to ensure a secure and consistent environment. For best results, we recommend your logo be prepared as follows:
  • File format: Transparent GIF

  • Pixels: 210 wide x 40 high

  • Color mode: RGB

Company logo upload

To upload your company logo to be hosted on a SAP SuccessFactors Server, go to Admin CenterCompany SettingsUpload Company Logo , then browse for the image file on your computer. Select the image, then choose the Save button. If you have an existing company logo, it will be displayed on this page until the logo is changed.

Point to a logo on a URL

Another method of configuring your company logo within SAP SuccessFactors is by setting the location of the logo to a specific URL where it is hosted, such as your corporate server. In order for your logo to be displayed in SAP SuccessFactors, it must be posted on a Web server for access.

To do this, go to Admin CenterCompany SettingsCompany System and Logo Settings . Enter the URL of the Company Logo on the field provided and click Set Company Logo URL.

Using this method can cause warning messages to display for your users, as SAP SuccessFactors is a secure website and your logo is posted on a site outside of that secure environment.

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