Displaying and Formatting Data in Free-Standing Cells

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Present and format data in free-standing cells

Free-standing cells

Free-standing cells are single cells that stand alone in a report. You can use free-standing cells to display information that adds meaning to your report.

There are several types of free-standing cells available in the Insert section of the toolbar.


Web Intelligence embeds the SAP Fiori font. This font contains more than 600 icons that you can use in your documents.

Once you have selected an icon, click Insert and click in the report to add a new cell containing this icon at the location of your choice. This cell’s font is SAP-Icon and contains the formula

Code snippet
=Char (IconCode)

This means you can manually add an icon in a cell by using this formula with the icon code and by setting the SAP-Icon font in the FormatText Settings tab.

As these icons are provided in a font, you can change their size, color, and apply the Bold, Italic, Underline and Strike through properties.

These icons can also be used in cells defined as hyperlinks or in Formatting Rules to display visual indicators depending on values.

To see these icons when exporting a Web Intelligence document to Excel, you need to install the version 4.13 of the SAP-Icon font in your client machine.

Cell format

You can format your report and report elements in order to present the report with a company style.

Select a free-standing cell and the Format tab to view formatting settings.

The table lists the Display settings:

The table lists the Appearance settings:

The table lists the Text settings:

The table lists the Layout settings:

Justify text

You may justify a text in a cell. In Design mode, select a cell, a column, or a row. In the Build Side PanelFormat tabText sub-tab, click the Justify button to apply this alignment to the selected item.

Background: gradient

You can add a gradient color effect in your report or any report element (header, footer, chart, cell…) background.

In the Build Side PanelFormat tabAppearance sub-tab, select the Linear Gradient option in the Background, Pattern section, and use the drop-down menus to choose:

  • Two colors, including their transparency.
  • The gradient direction: Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, …

For the moment, this property is not yet available in Formatting Rules.

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