Editing Objects Properties


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  • Editing objects properties

Objects properties

For Excel, Text, Free-Hand SQL and Google spreadsheet queries, the definition of the object qualification is now done exclusively in the Properties tab, and no longer in the Query Panel when creating the query.

Changing the properties in this way has also been extended to other data sources. The precise properties that can be changed depend on the data source and are listed in the following table:

Once the query has been run, select an object in the Main Side PanelObjects tab. The properties of object are displayed in the Build Side PanelProperties tab. You can modify these properties and click Apply to validate your changes. The Objects tab is updated to reflect these changes.

Changing the qualification, the type, or the aggregation of an object coming from an Excel, Text and Free-Hand SQL data sources purges the corresponding query.

You can also modify some properties of an object coming from Universes, Web Intelligence Documents, SAP HANA, SAP BW or OData locally, i.e., without having to do it in the data source.

To distinguish local change you made from the semantic defined by the data source, an icon is displayed beside the object to highlight that it has been modified compared to its data source. Hover the mouse over the object to show its previous and new values. Unselect the Display Info icon checkbox in the View Modes and Settings menu to hide this icon. In the Properties tab, the Reset button is available beside each changed property. Click it to restore the previous values or click the Revert button on the bottom of the tab to reset them all. In both cases, click Apply to validate your changes.

The context of such changes is the data source: all queries based on this data source benefit from them.

Watch this video to explore the Properties tab in the Build Side Panel:

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