Filtering Report Data


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Filter report data.

Report Data Filters

You can filter the report data to limit the displayed results.

For example, you can limit the displayed results to information for a specific customer or a sales period. The data you filter out remains in the document; it's simply not displayed in the report tables or charts. This means you can change or remove report filters in order to view the hidden values, without modifying the query behind the document.

You can apply different filters to different parts of a report. For example, you can limit the results in the entire report to a specific product line and then limit results in a table or chart further to focus on results for a specific region or customer profile.

Insert a Filter

You want to add a filter? Just drag an object from the Objects tab and drop it in the Filters section, and select a value.

Nested Report Filter

A nested report filter contains more than one filter that uses AND and/or OR clauses.

Watch this video to learn how to use the report filter:

As a reminder, there are other means to filter data: the Query Panel and the Input Control.

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