Using Hyperlinks


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Implement hyperlinks


Hyperlinks have become widely used to add interactivity in Web Intelligence documents. Hyperlink creation has been simplified. There are now less dialog boxes and less steps. For consistency purposes with inter-document links and prompts, intra-document links have been improved and can filter the target report through input controls.

In Design mode, the Hyperlink item of a cell’s contextual menu offers the following options:

  • Add hyperlink to another document.
  • Add hyperlink to this document.
  • Add hyperlink to an URL.

Inter-Document Usability Enhancements

If you select Add Hyperlink to Another Document, the Select a Target Document dialog box opens and you can directly select the target document.

Once selected, the document is automatically analyzed. All possible parameters and prompts of this document are displayed.

You can modify these parameters and prompts by explicitly typing a value in the corresponding text field or opening the drop-down menu to select one of the possible values (e.g. for the Report Name parameter, the drop-down menu displays also the list of reports of the document), an object or type a formula. Once you have modified any of them, the URL is updated in the Target URL text field to reflect your change.

You can directly modify the URL in the Target URL Text field. Click the Parse URL button to analyze this URL and update the values of the Opendoc URL parameters and prompts.

Click OK to validate the URL and close the Hyperlink dialog box.

Intra-Document Link Input Control

When creating an intra-document link, if the target report contains input controls based on a relational object the type of which is List or Entry field, you can set their values to filter this report.

In Design mode, right-click a cell and select HyperlinkAdd Hyperlink to this Document from the contextual menu to add a link to another report of the same document.

When you select your target report in the Hyperlink dialog box, the input controls of this report are displayed. A warning is displayed beside the input controls that are not yet supported.

Select the check box beside a supported input control to set its value. As for prompts in inter-document links, you can set a static value, or pass the value of an object or a formula that will be evaluated in the context of the value clicked to follow the link.

Passing multiple values to one input control is not supported; a string containing semi-colons is considered as one single value.

Click OK to validate the link and close the Hyperlink dialog box.

When you follow this hyperlink, the target report is displayed and filtered by input controls with the values that were passed.

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