Configuring and Using Change History


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Configure and use change history.

Change History

The change history feature allows you to capture changes made by the following:

  • Data import (Data Integration Jobs app, data import using ODATA, data import using CI-DS)

  • SAP IBP, add-in for Microsoft Excel (planning view and master data workbooks)

  • Statistical forecast

  • S&OP Operators
  • Versions

  • Snapshots

  • Copy Operators
  • Realignments

The following data is captured:

  • Modified by user

  • Modified date

  • Modified value

  • Attributes

  • Key figures

  • Time periods

  • Reason code

  • Comment

As this is performance-intensive, it is recommended to enable this function only for key essential data. It is recommended to periodically run the job Purge Change History Data to ensure that the growth in change history records is kept in check.

Changes Captured From SAP IBP, add-in for Microsoft Excel

When a change is made in the Excel UI, a reason code may be specified at the time of saving.

The figure, Changes Captured From SAP IBP, add-in for Microsoft Excel, shows that in the month Nov ‘13, the Sales Forecast Qty was changed to 35,000 and the Consensus Demand Plan Qty was changed to 30,000. When the Save Data option is selected, the changes, including the reason code and comments, are captured if the Change History option is activated for both the Sales Forecast Qty key figure and the Consensus Demand Plan Qty key figure.

Change History Analysis App

The changes that were captured by selecting the Change History option can be viewed in the Web UI in the Change History Analysis app, in the General Planner Section.

The changes are also available in SAP IBP, add-in for Microsoft ExceI. You can filter by various criteria to see changes to specific key figures and dates. You can also download the change history to a CSV file.

Change history can be viewed in the Excel UI, as shown in the previous two figures.

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