Incorporating Disaggregation Methods in SAP IBP


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  • Aggregation and Disaggregation Methods in SAP IBP

Aggregation and Disaggregation

Aggregation is the automatic function by which key figure values on the lowest level of detail are summed at run time and displayed or planned on a high level. For example, if you display the forecasted demand for a region in the interactive planning table, you see the forecasted demand for all of the different sales channels, product families, brands, products, and customers in that region, which the system has added together.

Disaggregation is the automatic function by which a key figure value on a high level is broken down to the detailed level. For example, if you forecast demand in a particular region, the system instantly splits this number among the different sales channels, product families, brands, products, customers, and so on, in this region.

Aggregation and disaggregation ensure a consistent planning approach throughout your organization.

Aggregation and Disaggregation Features

  • Aggregation and disaggregation mode is defined in the configuration settings for each key figure. Additional configuration settings (the Proportionality field) define the proportional factors.

  • Disaggregation in SAP IBP happens real time (no pre-aggregation, no hidden "batch" disaggregation)

  • Aggregation is very flexible (any expression, including weighted average for price, and so on)

  • There are two disaggregation modes: Equal Distribution and Copy Values.

  • Disaggregation mode Equal Distribution distributes the value from the higher planning level equally among the lower planning levels. When this mode is chosen it implies that the proportionality is set to No Proportional Disaggregation or the selected proportional factors aggregate to 0 or null.

  • Disaggregation mode Copy Values copies the aggregated value to each target bucket.

  • Possible setting in the Proportionality field include No Proportional Disaggregation , Same Key Figure – Stored Values, Same Key Figure – Calculated Values, Other Key Figure – Stored Values, Disaggregation Expression

Qty Aggregation and Disaggregation

Disaggregation Based on User-Defined Expression

Business Scenario:

  • John, the Demand Planner, wants to promote certain product families for the month of January.

  • John wants to enter a promotional lift for that month at product family level and would like to disaggregate the promotional lift quantity to individual products in that product family proportionally based on Marketing Forecast Qty.

Disaggregation Methods

SAP IBP on the SAP HANA platform provides the flexibility to define custom disaggregation expressions. Beyond the disaggregation methods of proportional, even split and copy, you can also choose to disaggregate the values entered for the key figure with respect to a mathematical expression that you define.

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