Modeling a Business Process Using SAP IBP


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Model a business process using SAP IBP


Dashboards provide a way to organize the charts and processes you require most access to conveniently. You can view the following on your dashboards.

The Dashboards – Advanced app enables the viewing of consolidated status data about the business at a glance.

You can create, manage, and view dashboards. A dashboard shows all the charts you’re most interested in. You can flexibly add charts, customize the layout of your dashboard, and share it with other users or user groups.

You can add content to your dashboard by adding the charts you’re most interested in. You can add charts of different categories to your dashboard, like custom alerts, analytics charts, or process charts.

Individual chart functions also enable you to customize your dashboards to your needs. For example, it is possible to refresh visualization of the individual chart, resize the chart, maximize the chart and drill down on a chart.

Process Templates

Process templates allow you to display a business planning process in SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for Supply Chain. Planners can create a process template by analyzing source information from sales, marketing, and finance, for example. This information drives the structure of the process template. Before you create a process template and add steps, you must create a User Group. You can then assign each step to the appropriate group. Templates allow you to reuse the same process again (for example, once a month) by creating a new instance of the template.

The S&OP process chevron, as shown in the figure, is a representation of the milestone steps that occur in an organization's S&OP process. The number of steps varies from customer to customer. Each step in the process has a start and end date, an owner, participants, and one or more tasks associated with the step. Displayed on the dashboard, it is a visual measure of the S&OP process status.

Process Management Enhancement

You can also choose an application job that runs automatically once the step has been started or ended.

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