Configuring Ariba User HR Event Linkage


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure Ariba User HR Linkages.

Configuring Ariba User HR Event Linkages

Configuring Ariba User HR Event Linkages is required to capture any changes that occurred in a user master data record. The record is stored in the ARBCIG_CHANGEDOC table for the incremental extract event of the User master data object. In this activity, you’ll associate an Info Type and Update Operation (insert or update or delete) of the user master data object with a function module.

To configure user HR linkages, follow these steps:

  1. Using the transaction code SPRO, navigate to Integration with Other SAP Components>Managed Gateway for Spend&Network for Buyer>Master Data Integration>General Settings.
  2. Expand the General Settings section and choose the IMG-Activity for Ariba User HR Event Linkage.
  3. On the Change View HR-CA: Event Linkage for Customer: Overview screen, choose New Entries.
  4. Input values in the following fields as appropriate:
    1. Object Type: (Under Infotype Operation)
    2. Infotype
    3. Update op.
    4. Sequence Number
    5. Object Type: (Under Event Data)
    6. Function Module
  5. Choose Next Entry to maintain all the event linkage entries. Refer to the table provided in this lesson for guidance.
  6. Once all entreis are maintained, choose Save.
Object TypeInfotypeUpdate op.Sequence no.Object TypeFunction Module

If you get the error message: "No Entry Exists in T777IBO table", maintain the following entry in the T777IBO table:

OTObject Type TextITObject TypeName
PPerson1ARBCIG1065Add a meaningful name

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