Knowledge quiz

It’s time to put what you’ve learned to the test, get 5 questions right to pass this unit.

What types of messages can define in a business object extension to use in an event?
There are three correct answers.
Which extensibility options are available for standard business objects?
There are three correct answers.
You want to raise a warning message on save of a Sales Quote if the Sales Rep adds an item without price. Which of the following keywords do you need to use in the business object definition?
There are two correct answers.
Which tool window of the UI Designer allows you to modify a standard screen for enhancement?
Choose the correct answer.
What scripting statement would you use in SAP Cloud Applications Studio to execute logic for all items of a node in a business object?
Choose the correct answer.
You want to add a custom action to the Thing Inspector for the Customer business object. Which of the following tabs in the UI Designer allow you to add it?
Choose the correct answer.

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