Determining Payroll-Relevant Employee Master Data


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Determine if Employee Master Data is relevant to payroll

Employee Master Data

In other courses, you have learned about master data and how to work with it using infotypes. This course focuses on the payroll process, which is driven by payroll-relevant employee master data. Some of you work with employee data and enter it into the system, but others may not. Even if you don’t, it is essential to know how to properly set up an employee’s account so that there won’t be errors when it comes time to pay them. Understanding this information helps you communicate with those who do work with that data to ensure the best employee experience with the system.

Relevance of an Infotype

During employment, a series of processes or events such as hiring, organizational reassignment, salary increase, leaving, and rehiring, can take place. These events can involve one or many infotypes. Some of these events can be relevant to salary and they need to be tracked by updating the relevant infotypes. If these events occur in the payroll past, they trigger retroactive accounting.

So, how do you determine if employee master data is relevant? You can view the infotype details by navigating to T582A and T588G.

Press play on the video below to learn how to find out which infotypes are relevant to payroll.

Depending on permissions granted, you can either display (read only), change (edit, copy, or delete), or create new employee master data.

(Optional Exercise) Distinguish Between Payroll Relevant and Non-Payroll Relevant Infotypes

Business example

You need to identify payroll relevant infotypes. This optional exercise outlines the steps to do so.


  1. Follow the instructions in the table in the solution.

    1. Transaction or InfotypeDesignationEntry (Comments)
      System ToolbarSM30 +
       Table/ViewV_T582A +
      Search for details of infotype 8 in table T582AInfotype0008 +
       Retroactive accounting triggerClick on R + + F4 key
        Realize, that R stands for Change triggers retroactive accounting. Therefore this infotype 8 is payroll relevant.
      Search for details of infotype 6 in table T582AInfotype0006 +
       Retroactive accounting triggerClick on T + + F4 key
        Realize, that T stands for Retroactive accounting is field-dependent accorting to table T588G. Therefore this infotype 6 is partly payroll relevant.
      Search for details of infotype 0006 in table T588GClick to open a new GUI Window + System ToolbarClick in + SM30 +
       Table/ViewV_T588G +
        Search for infotypes 0006.
        Realize (row Cat = 1) that the following fields in infotype 0006 are payroll relevant: RAILW, WKWNG. Click on 1 in row Cat + F4.
        Click + Click + (go back to Table T582A)

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