Outlining SAP SuccessFactors Hire to Retire Solutions


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Explaining SAP SuccessFactors Solutions and Concepts at High Level

This lesson introduces you to an overview of functionality and integration options available with SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Solution.

SAP Success Factors is a cloud solution for HCM that can be used in integration with the on-premise ERP Human Capital Management (HCM). Instead of HCM, we now tend to speak about Human Experience Management (HXM).

SAP Success Factors can be used for only one module, such as Recruiting, or with multiple, integrated modules.

We speak of the instance as the front-end system that customers use on a daily basis.

Only certain users at the customer site will have access to Admin Center in the instance to set up the instance.

We speak of Provisioning as the back-end system. Customers do not have access to Provisioning. Only the SAP Support Team and consultants of certificated implementation partners have access.

SAP SuccessFactors Platform

The SAP Success Factors Platform is the building block for the fundamental functionalities of the application suite.

Platform capabilities are grouped under the following three main areas:

  • Administration
  • Technology
  • User Experience

These Platform capabilities are not module specific. They support the operation of one or multiple modules.

Integration Scenarios

Customers can set up different integration scenarios.

For example, in the Talent Hybrid scenario, customers are using the classical HR modules in the on-premise Enterprise System integrated with SAP Success Factors modules, such as Recruiting or Learning.

Customers can use different middleware solutions as integration technologies, for example, the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) also known as Business Technology Platform (BTP).

SAP SuccessFactors Main Menu

The Main Menu can be called the Module Picker. It is used to navigate the system. Users can access the different modules from this menu.

The modules to which users have access are controlled by their authorizations. The authorization concept is called Role Based Permissions (RBP).

In the Org Chart, you can see the hierarchy of all employees of a company. The Org Chart is based on the information in the employee profile.

If the Employee Central module is used, customers can use an additional Org Chart based on the position management of Employee Central.

Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service

The Personal Information page includes non-business-related information about the employee, such as address or contract information.

The Employment Information page contains job and position information as well as employment details, such as the hiring date.

A Transaction is a change to the employee record.

Actions such as address changes or job data changes are transactions that can initiate a workflow approval process.

There are also self-service transactions that do not initiate a workflow process.

Administration Role

Different administration roles are used for day-to-day business processes.

Examples for admin roles are:

  • Changes to master data
  • Time management
  • Recruiters
  • Succession planners
  • Learning admins

Recruiters, for example, are the administrators who maintain requisitions, job postings, and all kinds of activities of the application process.

Admin Center

The Admin Center provides a consolidated one page view of admin tools, admin alerts, and upgrade information. From here, you can access all tools needed for Admin tasks.

The Admin Center enables you to configure the country and customer-specific settings for the instance.

The Upgrade Center, which is part of the Admin Center, allows admin users to upgrade different functions for different modules in the system. These upgrades are important, recommended, or optional.

As an admin user, you need special authorizations (Role Based Permissions - RBP) to be able to configure the instance.

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