Personalizing the SAP HR System


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Personalize a system

User-Specific Personalization

Personalize your SAP initial screen by creating your own favorites list containing the transactions, reports, files, and Web addresses that you use most often.

Add favorites either by using the Favorites menu or by using the mouse to move items into the Favorites folder.

Screen Personalization

Here are some of the ways you can further personalize the system:

Choose ExtrasSettings to determine the layout of your initial screen. For example:

  • You can increase your screen space by choosing the Do not display picture option.
  • You can switch on the display of technical names (transaction codes) in the SAP Easy Access menu by choosing the Display technical names option.

Set your own default values under SystemUser DefaultsOwn Data. To do so, choose the Address, Defaults, and Parameters tab pages. For example, you can specify the decimal notation and date format on the Defaults tab and defaults for frequently used input fields on the Parameters tab.

Multiple Sessions

You can work with multiple sessions within the same log on. Select SystemNew GUI Window.

The standard system enables 6 sessions.

Create Favorites and Further Personalize Your System

Business Example

You use some transactions frequently when performing your job. To simplify navigation in the SAP system, you can create shortcuts to these regularly used screens by creating favorites. You can further personalize the look of your system by adding the technical names of the transaction codes and decide not to display a picture. You can also view your user profile and check your defaults.

Learn how to create favorites and further personalize your system view.


  1. Create favorites on the SAP Easy Access screen.

    From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Human ResourcesPersonnel ManagementAdministrationHR Master Data and select Display.

    Choose Favorites → Add.

    The link will then be displayed in Favorites.

  2. Display the technical names of the transaction codes and switch off the picture.

    On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose ExtrasSettings.

    Select the Do not display picture and Display Technical Names checkboxes, then choose Continue.

  3. To check your own default values.

    Select SystemUser DefaultsOwn Data. Then choose the Address, Defaults, Parameters tabs.

    Choose Back to return to the SAP Easy Access screen.

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