Configuration for Customer Project Billing


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Understand the main configuration applicable to customer project billing.

Summary of Configuration for Project Billing

Application Area: Enterprise Portfolio & Project Management / Sub Application Area: Billing

SSCUI IDNameDescription
103637​Maintain Billing Profile​

Define material determination for billing and the parameters that need to considered during billing for each of them: Quantity, Cost, or both.​

Billing profiles are based on DIP (Dynamic Item Processor) profile in SAP S/4HANA.​

Configuration of the Project Billing Profile

You can define configuration settings related to billing profiles, used for material determination in billing.

Navigate to the app Manage Your Solution → Configure Your Solution → Step Maintain Project Billing Profile (SSCUI ID – 103637), or in SAP Central Business Configuration (CBC).

The configuration of billing profiles is a mandatory step for the project billing process.


The standard project billing profile is named CMPRJBL001. Within this profile you can maintain your own material determination rules for work (activity types), materials and expenses (cost elements).

Material Determination

Billing document items require of materials for any type of resource, being it work hours, quantity of materials or travel expenses. A material determination process is required for the system to derive the appropriate material in each case. This is the purpose of the billing profile.

Billing profile CMPRJBL001 is provided in the standard for customer projects.

Select the billing profile and navigate to the next nested table Billing Material Determination. In this table you have the possibility of configuring materials for incoming costs, quantities, or both. In case the incoming object that is billed is already a material, you have the option of keeping it as the billing material. You can do this by activating the check box Material Direct.

Under the Quantity/Cost column, you can choose any of the following options:

  • Transfer Costs Only - This option transfers only the costs to be billed and the quantity is set to 1. If the cost equals zero, the items are not transferred to billing.
  • Transfer Quantity Only - This option transfers only the quantities to be billed for further billing processing. If the quantity equals zero, the items are not transferred to billing.
  • Transfer Costs and Quantity - This option transfers both costs and quantities to billing for further processing.


Note that a precondition for configuring the billing material determination is all resources to be billed, independently of its type, have to be represented by a material. The best practice is to code and name the materials the same as the original objects. For example, for activity type T001 – Junior Consultant, a material coded T001 and named Junior

Consultant should be created before proceeding to the material determination configuration.

Observe that in general:

  1. A material representing an activity type consider both quantity and cost for billing.
  2. A material representing cost accounts considers costs only for billing.
  3. A material representing a material is usually directly transferred for billing and considers both quantity and cost for billing.

Material Determination Criteria

For each material in the determination table, you need to define additional criteria for its determination.

Activity type: Example T001, Junior Consultant

Determine the material based on two criteria: Activity type and G/L accounts (individual cost elements or a group of cost elements).

In this example, material T001 is selected for billing whenever the activity type T001 is used for cost postings in the billing element (work package) or costs are posted using any of the accounts in group YBPS_T000.

G/L Account, Expense: Example E001, Accommodation

Determine the material based on one criterium: G/L accounts (individual cost elements or a group of cost elements).

In this example, material E001 is selected for billing whenever any account in group YBPS_E001 is used for posting in the project work package.

Material: Example H001, Hardware

Determine the material for billing based on Direct assignment and G/L accounts (individual cost elements or all cost elements in a group).

In this example, material H001 is selected for billing whenever material H001 is used related to a posting in the project work package or any account in group YBPS_H001 is used.

Exception Handling Recommendation

If none of the material determination criteria defined matches with an incoming posting, the material determination fails, and the affected costs are not transferred for further billing processing.

In order to handle exceptions, it is recommended to configure a fallback material determination procedure. Use Business Add In (BAdI) PROJ BIL MODIFY BDR DATA to define a default material in case material determination using the billing profile configuration fails.

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