Configuration for Internal Project Management


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure Internal Projects

Summary of Configuration for Internal Projects

Application Area: Professional Services / Sub Application Area: Project Management

SSCUI IDNameDescription
102641Define Work Items and GroupsCreate custom-defined work items
101306Define ExpensesDefine custom team, expenses, additional resources and services, including their associated plan and actual cost elements
103299Map Resources to Resource TypesAssign resources to resource types 0ACT, 0ADL, 0EXP, 0RSV
103448Define Role TypesPersonalize project key roles and partner functions
103584Maintain Settings for PlanningSet how project staffing is performed: Using direct employee allocation to project roles (scope item J11) or integrate with Cloud for Projects, Resource Management (C4P-RM) (scope item 6JO)

Configuration for internal projects is identical to the configuration for customer projects.

Please refer to Unit Customer Project Management for a detailed explanation.

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