Configuring Customer Project Management


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand the available configuration for customer projects

Summary of the Applicable Configuration

Application Area: Professional Services / Sub Application Area: Project Management

SSCUI IDNameDescription
102641Define Work Items and GroupsCreate custom-defined work items
101306Define ExpensesDefine custom team, expenses, additional resources and services, including their associated plan and actual cost elements
103299Map Resources to Resource TypesAssign resources to resource types 0ACT, 0ADL, 0EXP, 0RSV
103448Define Role TypesPersonalize project key roles and partner functions
103584Maintain Settings for PlanningSet how project staffing is performed: Using direct employee allocation to project roles (scope item J11) or integrate with Cloud for Projects, Resource Management (C4P-RM) (scope item 6JO)
106416Settings for Professional Services ProjectsThis option is not available any longer. Only the advanced strategy is supported.

Define Work Items and Groups

Work items are used to specify the type of activity that is to be performed by project roles or "additional resources" in work packages.

The first step is to define work items by an ID and a description. Work item groups are created next, and finally, work items are assigned to the item groups.

Define Expenses

Expenses are one of the resources that can be defined when planning project work packages. In this configuration, the supported types of expenses are defined.

Each expense type can support both cost and revenue or only cost. Specify this in the table "Map Expenses with Key Figures" for each defined expense.

Finally, assign a G/L accounts to each possible combination of expense and key figure (COST and REVENUE).

Map Resources to Resource Types

Resource types are the categories of costs and revenues that can be planned in a customer project. These are predefined in the system as:

  • Team: roles planned by hours in the project
  • Expenses: Travel or other expenses
  • Additional Resources: For example, materials or equipment
  • Services: Service units used in the Service Based work packages

Resources specify the various available options for these groups. For example "Junior Consultant" is assigned to the "Team" resource type.

Resources of types "Team", "Additional Resources" and "Services" need to be created first as activity types (application "Manage Activity Type") to be available for selection in this configuration. Only activity types relevant for cost center category C (Professional Service) are selectable.

Resources of type "Expense" need to be created in the configuration item "Define Expenses" explained before in this lesson.

Define Role Types

These are the roles available at the project definition. Define the governance of the project. Different roles can be specified for customer and internal projects.

The example in the image shows project role type "Project Controller" is made available in both customer and internal projects.

Maintain Settings for Planning

This is a simple configuration that determines whether project staffing is done in SAP S/4HANA or Cloud for Projects.

How to Manage Customer Projects

Learn how to complete the key steps of the end-to-end process for project services in the following simulations:

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