Introducing Sales Order Processing for Professional Services


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Introduce Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing


Sales Order Processing describes the entire process sequence for the sales order maintenance and the billing process within the project based services scenario. It includes the billing sub processes and encompasses the creation of billing documents (invoices), manual credit memo requests for returns and adjustments, and manual debit memo requests for additional charges.

In the invoicing sub process, the leading customer project management process triggers the creation of the customer invoice.

In the credit memo sub process, a credit memo is created with reference to an existing customer invoice in case of returns or adjustments in favor of the customer. Credit memo requests can also be used to initiate the process of creating a credit memo against the project.

In the manual debit memo sub process, a debit memo request is created manually in case of additional charges and adjustments to the bill in favor of the service provider, and then processed to create a new customer invoice.

Billable documents are reflected in the Accounts Receivable process.

Key Process Steps

  • Create billing documents: Create customer invoices and journal entry
  • Create credit memo: Create credit memo with reference to customer invoice and journal entry
  • Create manual debit memo request
  • Create customer invoice with reference to billing document request and journal entry


  • Streamline sales order processing for project-based services scenario

  • Control comprehensive billing sub-processes: Billing, Credit Memo, and Manual Debit Memo Request

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