Time Recording Configuration


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure Time Recording

Maintain Data Entry Profiles

This is the main profile governing the time sheet application. You can create different data entry profiles for internal and contingent employees, defining different parameters for them.

Some of the supported settings include:

  • Whether approval is required or time entries are auto-approved.
  • Activating the extensibility mode will made visible added custom fields in the time sheet.
  • If activated "Work Location" and "Overtime", these fields will be visible in the details of the time entry.
  • Number of days in the past the system considers to notify missing time.
  • Minimum time the user can book in one entry, and the increments in minutes (for example 30 minutes minimum and increments of 15 minutes would allow booking 30, 45 and 60 minutes).
  • Enable accounting objects for time recording in the timesheet application. If the Receiver WBS Element is enabled in the entry profile for contingent/external workers, they will be allowed to create a task for enterprise projects, in the Manage My Timesheet app.

Define Rejection Reasons

In the time approval workflow, you can attach a comment line to time sheet data for which an approval is withheld. The comment line states the reason why the approval was withheld.

In this step, you define the rejection reasons that the person approving the data can attach to a rejected record.

Specify Task Types, Components and Levels

In addition to booking time to project work packages, other tasks can be created in the timesheet for internal and external employees.

In this customizing activity, you can set up the working time attribute for task types and decide their relevance.

  • The working time attributes ‘Task Levels’ and ‘Task Components’ are preconfigured in the system. You cannot add, delete, or modify these entries. However, you can use these preconfigured task levels and components while creating new task types.
  • A particular task type can be reassigned from one category of the workforce to another. After reassignment, any time recorded earlier against that particular non-project task type cannot be modified in the timesheet till that configuration is changed back.

    For example, a task type previously assigned to internal employees has been reassigned to contingent workers. In such a scenario, the internal employees can view the previously recorded time under that task type. However, the internal employees cannot make any further modifications to the time recorded on that task type. Also, the particular task type will not be visible to the internal employees, in the timesheet app.

Maintain Work Locations

If the field work location is activated in the data entry profile, maintain supported locations in this configuration step.

Maintain Overtime Categories

If the overtime field is activated in the data entry profile, you can define overtime categories in this configuration step.

Overtime categories classify work done outside or the regular working hours of the employee and when reported in the timesheet, are visible in the time and expenses billing process.

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