Accessing Course Simulations


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Access all simulations in this course

Reference to All Simulations Used in this E-learning

For your reference, you will find a list of all simulations, that show you how to configure and navigate in Transportation Management for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition in this lesson. With the use of simulations you will be able to experience the look-and-feel of the solution and explore the supported business processes. The simulations serve as an entry point for the exercises that you can do by yourself in the SAP Learning System Access, in which you can explore the features and functions in-depth.

The exercises relate to different topics or areas like configuration, master data, etc. There is no need to execute all exercises or check all simulations. However, some exercises built on others and the figure Flow of Exercises illustrates these dependencies. For example, in order to create freight agreements, you should have created a carrier business partner upfront. The available simulations do not match these exercises one to one, but follow a similar structure.

Please be advised, that the label Exercise used across all embedded simulations is not meant to experience the full content of the several end-to-end exercises offered to you via SAP Learning System Access, but is used, because the simulation is provided to you in Practice mode, meaning to provide you a kind of hands-on exercise learning experience already while working with the E-Learning content only.

It is not intended, that you navigate through all simulations at this point of the training. The individual simulations are referenced again in those parts of the training, where they fit best. This is only a reference, in case you want to go back to any simulation and you are looking for a central point of entry.

Reference book for all simulations used in this e-learning:

When using the reference book, please be advised about the following: A single simulation will open in the same browser window. Therefore, do not close the browser window, but leave the simulation always using the exit button(s) available in the user interface. The sub sections cluster multiple simulations and will therefore open in an independent book in a second browser window. Here, you decide, if you want to remain in the sub book (exiting a specific simulation) or if you want to return to the main book (by closing the browser window of the sub book.)

Use the following simulation offering you a reference book (index) to all simulations used in this course.

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