Brokers vs. Producers


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Relationship between the producer and the payee
  • Add Producer Details

The Producer-Payee Relationship

Earlier, we mentioned that the Vendor, also known as the Payee, is the entity that receives the payment voucher on behalf of the producer. In many cases, the producer and vendor are the same entity, but they can be different.

Using the configuration we set up earlier, when we create a new producer, the vendor is the same entity. You can also add additional vendors in the Payee Relationships section of the producer master record.

The image below shows the payee relationship for Max Martinez. Notice that the Pay Entity ID is the same as his Producer ID: MM-001. This tells us that the Producer is the same entity as the Payee/Vendor.

Move a producer from one agency to another

If a producer changes agencies, or for any other reason needs to have their relationships changed, you can make these changes by adding an expiration date to the producer details, then adding a new producer detail record.

Let’s look at an example. In the diagram below, an agent named Mark Hayden is moving from the Kilpatrick Group to the Guthrie Agency. We don’t want to just overwrite one upline agency with the other; if we do that, we lose any connection between Mark and his prior upline, and he may not receive compensation for his prior book of business. Instead, we "end" his relationship with the Kilpatrick Group by populating the Expiration Date on his Producer Detail record. We can then create a new Producer Detail record with an Effective Date that starts the next day, and populate the Next Hierarchy ID with the Guthrie Agency.

To move a producer:

  1. Open the Producer Details tab of the Producer record.
  2. Open the producer detail row that you wish to replace.
  3. Enter an expiration date and save the record.
  4. Return to the producer details tab.
  5. Under the list of producer details, add a new row by selecting (+).
  6. Enter the new effective date.
  7. Enter any other relevant information, such as the producer type and status.
  8. In the New Hierarchy ID field, enter the name of the new agency.
  9. Select Save.

Exercise: Add Producer Details to a Producer Record

In this exercise, we will complete the broker details for Max Martinez and add Saber Management as his upline broker.



  1. Add SafeCare Insurance as the upline broker for Max Martinez.

    1. Open the producer record for Max Martinez.

      • From the Manager portal, select Producers – Agents.
      • In the Agent ID field, enter MM-001.

      • Select Search to open the record for Max Martinez.

    2. Enter the producer details.

      • Select the Producer Details tab.
      • Select Add (+).
      • Enter the following details:
        • Effective date: 1/1/2022
        • Customer Type: Individual
        • Writing Producer: Yes
        • Producer Type: Agent
        • Producer Status: Active
        • Internal/ External: External
        • Next Hierarchy ID: EnterSafe and select SafeCare.
        • Schedule ID: Enter Standard and select Standard form the list.
    3. Select Save.

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