File Sweeps


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of File Sweep
  • Create a simple File Sweep process

File Sweeps

File Sweep is a functionality that allows you to configure automated data integration from an FTP server. With this feature, after the data passes validation, the File Sweep processes, loads, and imports the data based on the configuration.

File Sweep functionality allows you to:

  • Have multiple FTP directory configurations for a single Import Format.
  • Configure each file record to be imported and posted.
  • Create file name pattern configurations so that a separate directory isn't required for each File Sweep configuration.
  • Create explicit sequencing of processing to control the order in which data is posted.
  • Configure In-File creation.
  • Configure In-Entity posting process to be triggered automatically based on a successful File Sweep.
  • Schedule the File Sweep.

Select the link 'File Sweeps' to get more information.

Create a simple File Sweep process

In this exercise, you will configure a File Sweep to import records from an FTP server.


  1. Create the File Sweep record.

    1. In the Portal menu, navigate to Integration → Inbound Data and select File Sweep Search.

    2. Choose + to add a new File Sweep record.

    3. On the File Sweep Detail screen, enter the File Sweep ID FileSweepCustomers

    4. Optionally, enter a comment in the Comments field to describe the details/purpose of the File Sweep.

    5. Leave the Invoke InEntitiyPost checkbox blank.

    6. Select Save.

  2. Configure the Import File (InFile).

    1. Choose (+) under InFile Configuration.

    2. Enter the following on the InFile Detail screen:

      • InFileCreation: Group all files under a single InFile
      • InFileIDPattern: ${FileSweepId}_${CurrentDate}_${CurrentTime}
      • Payout Type ID: CLIENT Payout
      • Leave the File Sweep InFile Mapper empty.
      • Select the AutoPost checkbox.
      • Set the Import Error Policy?checkbox to Continue Posting.
      • Select Save.
  3. Define the File Group.

    1. Choose + under File Groups.

    2. Enter the following in the File Sweep Group Detail popup:

      • Set the Import Format to CustomerImportLesson14.
      • Set the FTPServerNo to Client – File Sweep
      • In the FileNameFilter, enter Train.*\.xlsx
      • Set the Removal Policy to Archive-FTP.
      • Set the FTPServerNoArchive to Client – File Sweep
      • Leave the PGPEncrypted? box unchecked.
      • Set the Removal Policy Error to Do Nothing.
    3. Select Save, then Activate.

    4. Close the popup window.

  4. Activate and save the File Sweep InFile detail.

    1. On the File Sweep InFile Detail popup, select Activate, then OK.

    2. Close the File Sweep InFile Detail popup.

    3. On the File Sweep Detail form, select Activate, then OK.

    4. Close the dialog box.

  5. Run the File Sweep manually.

    1. Select Run on the File Sweep Detail screen.

      • From the Manager portal, select Processing - File Sweep.
      • Select Run.
      • Review the File Sweep process.

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