Creating Titles


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  • Create titles

Creating Titles

Titles are used to group similar positions that are related to the job function across an organization. Positions that are related by a title generally perform similar functions and management responsibilities within an organization. Therefore, companies often use a Title to identify and search for positions.

When used in conjunction with SAP SuccessFactors Incentive Management, you can use titles to link related positions for the purpose of assigning compensation plans.

Create Titles


  1. Navigate to OrganizationTitles.

  2. Choose Create ().

  3. The Add New Title screen opens. Add the following details about the title. Required fields are noted.

    • Name (Required): Name that is used to reference this title. For example, "Regional VP" or " Sales Executive Level 1."
    • Description: Brief description of the title.
    • Business Units: Related business unit. This feature provides an extra layer of data access security by segregating compensation data for different parts of the corporate structure.
    • Effective Start Date (Required): Effective start date for the record.
    • Effective End Date: Effective end date for the record.

  4. Save your changes.


Create Organization Data

Business Example

In this example, you'll learn how to create the organization data that is necessary to begin creating territories: participants, titles, and positions.

Copying Titles

When you copy a title record, all the values of the original record are copied and the Name value is prefaced with Copy of.

Copy Titles


  1. Navigate to OrganizationTitles.

  2. Check the box next to the record for the title you would like to copy. You can only copy one record at a time.

  3. Choose Copy (). The details of the new title open.

  4. Edit the record.

  5. Save your changes.

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